REWARD for Information

This webpage deals with a Reward for Information that leads to an arrest and charge for an arson that occured on a barn located at 6933 Chadsey Rd, Chilliwack on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at approximately 4:20 am

Dennis Chadsey Fire Click here to SEE VIDEO of ARSON


REWARD is up to $2000 for information leading to an arrest and charge.

NOTE: The reward is simply for information that leads to an arrest and a criminal charge being laid - no need to wait for a conviction, and the reward will be paid right away.

To provide info, please contact either the RCMP or BC CrimeStoppers.

How to claim the reward:

If Claimant provided info to CrimeStoppers, then Claimant will have been provided instructions directly from CrimeStoppers, when the information was provided.

If Claimant provided info direct to RCMP; In the event of an arrest and criminal charge being laid, I will be advised, and I will expect any claimant to contact me at